Kim Kardashian is many things to many people: she’s become an icon, entrepreneur, and the equal-best musician in the Kardashian-West alliance to boot. 

Her newest move has pretty much confirmed her newest form is ‘mummy blogger’ though, ’cause she’s announced a hankering for a helping of her own placenta this morning.

Before we judge, let us ask: who hasn’t wanted to eat their own afterbirth at one point or another?

Kim Kardashian’s Latest & Greatest Diet Supplement Is Her Placenta

In a post on her app, the newly-minted mother of two said she was encouraged to have her placenta preserved and turned into pills, after she heard about the processes’ supposed health benefits while preggo with North

Particularly, she heard about its apparent post-partum depression fighting powers from other mums. She asked herself “why not try it”, and after delivering her bub Saint, here we are – social media post and all.

As far as “why not try it” goes? Well, while the science on the anti-depression claims is wobbly at best, it’s becoming a reasonably common thing. There’s even a cookbook for those wanting to skip the pill-pressing step.

FWIW, Kim “totally recommends it” and feels “really healthy and good.” 


Story: Elitedaily.
Photo: Twitter.