At this point it seems like we can’t get through a week without some Kardashian photoshop fail, but this is by far my favourite: Kim Kardashian edited *checks notes* the carpet in a new Instagram pic because even interior design isn’t safe from her impossible beauty standards.

Kim finally made her relationship with Pete Davidson Instagram official by posting a series of pictures posing together in what looks like a hotel hallway. Seems normal, right? Wrong.

She also uploaded the pictures on Twitter and fans were quick to point out the carpet beneath her was completely different. On Twitter it had a geometric design, but on Instagram the carpet was a sleek beige-grey.

Kim has since deleted the Twitter post — but not before it was screenshotted.

Instagrammer Dana Omari (@igfamousbydana) shared the two carpet pics side by side, captioned: “I genuinely do not know why Kim edited the carpet. Does anyone else know or care to take a guess?”

Clearly geometric designs are soooooo out of trend. It’s plush grey carpet or nothing! Only the best for Kim Kardashian.

Commenters had their own theories, with one person pointing out Kim might have been trying to hide what hotel she was in.

This would actually make sense considering she was once robbed after posting online about being alone in her hotel. But also, we don’t know when these pictures were taken. Unless she was in the hotel at the time of posting, it doesn’t really make sense to hide which hotel it was.

Others went one step further and suggested that the photoshop “fail” was a deliberate ploy to distract angry fans Kim’s “work harder” drama earlier this week.

I wouldn’t put it past the Kardashian/Jenner clan to cook up such a ridiculous distraction. Especially because it would probably work.

Regardless of the reason behind this bizarre photoshop fail, one thing is true: the editing is immaculate. Kim even edited it into the mirror, and adjusted the light balance while creating a fake shadow behind her leg.

Editing fails are embarrassing but Kim Kardashian really does have it down to an art. Carpets, beware.