Another Royal Family Pic Has Heaps Of Photoshop Fails So Someone Pls Give Kate Adobe Lessons

Just days after Kate Middleton‘s heavily edited Mother’s Day photo was blacklisted by press worldwide, another Royal image from the Princess/photoshop hobbyist was discovered to have been tampered with — this time involving the late Queen Elizabeth II. Maybe graphic design really is just Kate’s passion after all?

When the world was wildly speculating on the whereabouts of the Princess who hadn’t been seen since last Christmas, the Palace released a photo of Kate and her children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. This photo then received a “kill order” by the press due to it’s heavy manipulation.

In response to the controversy, the Princess posted on Instagram that she dabbled in photoshop, and apologised for any concerns raised.

Much to my disappointment she did not confirm whether she uses Adobe Photoshop, or Canva Pro. Which is it Kate?!?!

However, as a result of this reveal that Kate Middleton has tampered with photos before, some members of picture agencies realised they should apply further scrutiny to previous photos shared by the same source.

Lo and behold, more royal photoshop fails were found.

Getty Images declared that a photo of the late Queen Elizabeth II and her various grandchildren and great-grandchildren had been the subject of noticeable changes.

“Getty Images has reviewed the image in question and placed an editor’s note on it, stating that the image has been digitally enhanced at source,” said a spokesperson.

Here’s the guilty photo in question. Can you spot some of the edit fails?

Image: Prince and Princess of Wales/Kensington Palace/Getty Images.

No, it isn’t the fact that the Queen was dead at the time. Nice try though.

Eagle-eyed observers pointed out a few faults in the image, including:

  1. Prince Louis’ head has a sharp edge, implying it was cut out from another photo.
  2. A weird straight vertical line in the Queen’s skirt on the left.
  3. Cables fading into nothing on the floor on the right.
  4. Repeated curls on the head of Mia Tindall (bottom left).
  5. The right side of the couch being blurry, indicating other layers were spliced over it.

For a clearer look, here’s the errors highlighted.

Spot the difference difficulty = EASY. (Image: Prince and Princess of Wales/Kensington Palace/Getty Images)

Honestly, with all the money in the world and we can’t get the Royals a better photoshop tutorial?

That said, glad my own Instagram posts aren’t coping this level of scrutiny. I could not walk away from that without every post receiving a kill order, oops.

Despite this being another confusing piece in the puzzle of wild Princess Kate conspiracies, many rumours were stamped out on March 19 when Kate and Prince William were seen and filmed outside a farm shop near their palace.

Despite THAT, the rumours, conspiracies, and memes continue.

God bless the internet, and God save the Queen.