The Royal Family Released A New Pic Of Kate & What Do Ya Know, This One Looks Fake Too


The Kate Middleton Photoshop saga continues, as eagle-eyed fans spotted another doctored image of the princess post-surgery. What is going on?! Is she alive or not?!

The latest image was released on Monday, after the fall out from that other edited photo of the princess and the kids, and features a somewhat Kate and Prince William in the backseat of a chauffeured car leaving Windsor Castle.

What’s suspicious is not the fact that you can barely see Kate though — it’s that the bricks you can see behind her window don’t match up with the bricks on the rest of the wall surrounding the car.

Firstly, the bricks behind the car window have a different coloured grout and are brighter than the rest of the wall. Secondly, they’re at an entirely different angle to the rest of the wall, which veers to the left??

One person even mocked up their own edited photo of the chauffeur image with an old picture of Kate, to prove it was indeed edited from a Franken-stitching of two old images.

Unsurprisingly, this has only further spurned conspiracies about Kate whereabouts.

The last time she was actually seen in public was Christmas Day last year. Despite the endless speculation, the royals have only released two images to quell the public’s concerns. This has not reassured fans who are convinced something has gone horribly wrong.

Of course, most people aren’t actually too concerned with where she is —she’s a princess after all, so surely she’s fine?

They’re just enjoying the absolutely unhinged nature of this saga to begin with, and the memes keep coming.

Me, personally? I find it hard to believe that Kate Middleton is allowed to edit her own photos, as was claimed in the apology the royal family shared.

This is a centuries-old institution that has its own media team! Which would be responsible for the disseminating of press releases and photos! Are you telling me Kate is just casually sending them pics she herself edited for funsies?? While she is meant to be on bedrest for an abdominal surgery??

Yeah, nah.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens after Easter, since that’s when we were told she would be back from surgery recovery.