Ex-Bachie Richie Strahan Now Looks Like A Completely Diff Bloke From His Rose-Distributing Days

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Richie Strahan, the main man from Season 4 of The Bachelor Australia has just posted a rare update to his Instagram feed. His fourth (4th) post for 2023 (I know, right!) unveils a rugged look that is worlds away from his days as a clean-cut, rose-distributing unit on national TV.

Posted on Friday, the 38-year-old rope access technician from Western Australia can be seen in a very high visibility getup.

“I didn’t win the 100m lotto jackpot … But I found this big screw driver!” the confusing caption reads, since even a soy latte-sipping Melburnian like me can identify that what Richie is holding is a wrench, not a screw driver.

Credit @richie_strahan via Instagram

The most notable differences from his days on The Bachelor would have to be the addition of a beard, the grown-out locks on top, and the protective goggles.

Petition for all Bachelors to wear protective sunnies during the entire filming of the season, even when they’re wearing suits. Just for something different. Attention pls @ the producers.

For comparison, this is what Richo used to look like back in 2016 when his season aired.

Credit @TheBachelorAustralia via Instagram

Since we’re on the topic, he also went through a “long-haired yahoo” phase as well as a “Chris Hemsworth as Thor” phase in 2018.

Credit @richie_strahan via Instagram
Credit @richie_strahan via Instagram

Richie’s season of The Bachelor Australia ended with giving the final rose to then-venue manager Alex Nation.

The couple split almost immediately after the show wrapped up.

“I guess the brightest spark can fizzle fast,” Richie said in a 2017 interview with New Idea.

“We made some bad choices back in June and our relationship really struggled to recover for months after.

“It didn’t matter how much effort I put into it – sometimes these things are destined to fail.”

The former couple had the opportunity for a “clear the air” chat during their appearance on Bachelor in Paradise in 2019.

Alex recently had her third child with new partner Carson Jory.