It Very Much Looks Like ‘Bachelor’ Lovers Alex & Richie Are Done For Good

Love is dead, obviously.

Rumours are flying (again) that ‘Bachelor‘ paramours Richie Strahan and Alex Nation have broken up. The couple haven’t been seen in public together since a shaky appearance at the Logie Awards in April, and their once frequent cute couple snaps on Instagram have almost totally dried up.

They still occasionally like each other’s Instagram posts, though, which is the absolute lowest rung on the ‘keeping in contact with another’ but is still some vague semblance of communication.


The Daily Telegraph put calls in to both parties to get to the bottom of this deeply pressing issue. It reports that Alex didn’t respond to calls, but that “a downcast Strahan danced around the issue and refused to shut down speculation that the couple had broken up.”

In other words, they’ve definitely broken up.

The pair famously met on the fourth season of ‘The Bachelor’, where Richie was the prize Man™ to be won and Alex, upon winning that prize, started a full-blown revolt against Richie for being such a huge dumb idiot.


Since the reports came out eight hours ago, neither Alex nor Richie has denied them in public. Given their relationship is (or was) a literal business opportunity, we have no choice but to believe it is now firmly in the shitter. Case closed.