Richie’s Explained Why He Dumped Sweet Cass Out Of Nowhere On ‘Bachie’

Aside from the fact that Ivan proved he’s an abusive dickhead on last night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, the second biggest topic of conversation was Richie Strahan dramatically exiting the island after realising out of nowhere that he didn’t want to be with Cass Wood. 

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The pair had developed a very slow-burn but cute relationship over the course of the season, and while they still hadn’t shared a kiss they seemed to be pretty into each other, with Richie shrugging off newcomer Caroline’s advances in favour of continuing his burgeoning relationship with Cass just last week.

However, when Cass brought up the impending commitment ceremony – in which the couples decide to either continue with the relationship they’ve started in Fiji or to part ways – Richie Strahan seemed to get a bit anxious. He then sat Cass down and told her point blank that he felt the fact they lived on opposite sides of the country meant they just wouldn’t work. Cass was visibly shaken, before deciding to leave as well given Richie was the reason she’d stuck around.

Social media was ablaze with critics of Richie’s behaviour, pointing out that he probably shouldn’t be on a dating show if he’s not able to commit.

Now, Richie’s spoken to 10Daily about his decision, in an effort to clear the air – citing the surprise appearance of his ex Alex Nation as part of the reason he was so confused.

 “It’s hard to try and explore and be in Paradise when you’ve got a lot going on upstairs,” he said.

He also said the decision wasn’t easy.

“When I decided to leave, that was really, really heavy for me. I’m always the guy that says ‘No regrets’, my final decision was, without a doubt, one of the hardest but I’d like to think I made the right one.”

To be fair, the guy was confronted with his ex and immediately dove into a heartbreaking chat about their relationship’s demise early on in the show. It’s not surprising that he was thrown and was hesitant about committing to something with Cass.

In great news, Cass revealed last night that she’s actually found love since the show, much to the delight of her Bachie supporters.

Most interestingly to me, Richie doesn’t believe in ANY of the connections that have formed in Paradise.

“I don’t think anyone’s ‘faking’ a relationship, it’s easy to spark a relationship — whether or not that will last outside of paradise is a whole different kettle of fish.”

Richie, I get it but also maybe no more reality TV dating shows for a while, k?