GRAB YOUR DAIQUIRIS: Ten Just Revealed When ‘Bachie In Paradise’ Will Return

Bachelor In Paradise

Like many of my fellow Aussies who’s just a fiend for ridiculous reality television, I’ve been hanging out for the second season of Bachelor In Paradise to launch. I love this show! The combo of infamous past castmates, the skin-scorching Fijian sun, a Hunger Games-esque competition element and many, many mango daiquiris makes for truly compelling television, in my opinion. And Channel Ten, the angels, have finally blessed us with a premiere date.

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So we already knew that exes Richie Strahan and Alex Nation would come face-to-face on Bachelor In Paradise, and that Mean Girls Cat “I Have A Jewellery Line” Henesy and Alisha Aitken-Radburn would return.

There’s also Brooke Blurton, James Trewethie, Cass Wood, Shannon Baff, Bill Goldsmith, Nathan Favro, and even Rachel Gouvignon who was the “HIIII I’M THIRTY HAHAH” girl from last season.

And now we know that Bachelor In Paradise is going to return to our lives and screens on April 9. Get your blenders and your cheap rum ready, people, because it’s daiquiri time!

We’ll of course be recapping it just like we did last season, so make sure you come back here to join us for all the undoubtedly batshit Bachie fun.