It Looks Like Cass Wood From ‘Bachie’ Has A New Bae & He Ain’t From Paradise

This is one big Bachelor in Paradise spoiler, so if you wanna watch it hoping that your girl Cass Wood finds love with some other Bachie hopeful, then log off now, mates.

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Alright, just Cass Wood diehards left? People who believe that Wood deserves all the love in the world? Good, let’s get into it.

It looks like Cass, left heartbroken by Honey Badger on The Bachelor, and then quickly signed on for Bachelor in Paradise, has found a partner in a Warringah rugby player named Tyson Davis, who has been happily posting loved up shots online. That’s not some bloke she met in Fiji! This guy has not been on reality TV at all.

Now maybe they’re not an item. Maybe they’re just good mates trolling us all on Instagram. But they SEEM like a couple. Just try to tell me that this isn’t a pair of young lovers on Christmas.

Or taking active shots at Palm Beach.

There’s more on his public page – they’re at Carols, they’re at the pub, they’re having the time of their goddamn lives.

Aside from shots in Wood’s Stories, and on Davis’ ‘Gram, Now to Love have more pics which you can check out HERE. They’re being papped trying to have a canoodle on North Avalon Beach, like normal lovers do.

They were also caught out earlier this month by Woman’s Dayvia Daily Mail – at Palm Beach, an onlooker telling the tabloid:

He’s a very good looking bloke… he’s the total opposite of the Honey Badger! It’s so nice seeing Cass looking so happy!

You’ll note that Wood hasn’t be splashing her new bae everywhere herself, instead choosing to sneakily feature Davis in her Stories. But even those Stories are revealing, with one this weekend showing Wood posing on the back of Davis’ motorbike. They’re cuddling. It’s intimate.

Image source: Instagram / @casswood. 

Her non-Story shots are still mostly about what a fun-loving time she’s having with her gal pals, including with her fellow Bachelor rejects, Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley.

Still, Now to Love write that Davis took this shot, and have the pictorial evidence to back it up, even noting that Wood seemed to call out: “You look like ‘boyfriends of Instagram’” to her new flame.

The couple are currently celebrating NYE on a boat with their mates, if their Stories are t believed, in true Sydney style. Here’s hoping 2019 is absolutely blissful for the lovebirds.