Sorry To Tell You, But ‘Queer Eye’ Dad Tom Had His Heart Broken Again

Queer Eye Tom Abby Breakup Split

The Netflix reboot of Queer Eye is a brilliant series that kicks off with a banger of an episode entitled “You Can’t Fix Ugly”. It tells the tale of Tom Jackson, a delightful bearded 57-year-old dad and granddad who has a heart of gold, a disgusting recliner chair and a third ex-wife, Abby, who he is keen to reunite with.

It’s an episode that jerks all of the tears. I, for one, cried exactly four (4) times in this episode, with outbursts ranging from a happy eye-mist to full-blown body heaving sobs. Tom is a divine human being, a wonderful dad, doting pop and he just adores the Fab 5 (and they love him right back).

At the end when he literally drives off into the sunset with his lady friend Abby, all made over and lookin’ straight fire, you have a nice, neat, happy ending which is what this show is all about.

Until Tom himself takes to Twitter to personally crush all of your hopes and dreams with his bare hands.


First things first, this is classic “parent just discovered emojis” shit right here, my mum does the exact same thing every time she texts me.

SECONDLY, no. Just… no. I refuse to believe that Tom and Abby didn’t get remarried and live happily ever after in his extremely swank basement apartment sipping redneck margaritas and eating guac forevermore.

I’m not the only one in complete and utter RUINS over this.

While some angels just sent some beaut messages of support for our Tom:

Like, how cute are PEOPLE sometimes? I just cannot cope with this at all today.

All we can take from this is that even though he didn’t get the girl, Tom is still really happy and the Fab 5 still improved his life for the better.

And that is something worth smiling about, my friends.