Queer Eye’s Tom & Abby Just Got Engaged So Break Out The Redneck Margaritas

The saga of Tom Jackson – the beautiful, sweet angel retired Dad featured in the first episode of Netflix‘s rebooted Queer Eye series – has had more ups and downs than a roller coaster.

We met sweet Tom as the series premiered and instantly fell for his roguish charm and giant heart.

We smiled as he downed his ridiculous Redneck Margaritas, cried as he said goodbye to his beloved – if not extremely farted-in – recliner, and had our hearts soar as he got himself cleaned up a bit and found himself love in the form of ex-wife Abby, seemingly winning her hand back at the end of the episode.

What followed is a social media love story for the ages.

At first, all hope seemed lost as Tom sadly announced that he and Abby had parted ways in the time since the episode went to air.

A dark day, a dark day indeed.

But just as all hope appeared lost, Tom dropped a bombshell: No more than a week after that announcement, he and Abby had reconciled, with Tom sharing the glorious news again on the Tweets.

And now, a mere week after that – the man likes a schedule, it would seem – we have another announcement to celebrate: Tom and Abby are bloody well engaged!!


I wonder if the Fab 5 have heard the good news?

I wonder how the ROMEOs reacted when he told them the blessed news?

I wonder if the reception will have bottomless Redneck Margs for everyone?


But y’know what’s not a question anymore? The love between Tom and Abby.

Congratulations, you crazy kids.