‘Queer Eye’ Snack Antoni Claps Back At Idiots Criticising His Cooking Skills

Antoni Porowski Queer Eye Defends Basic Recipes Cooking Backlash

It seems like everyone is bingeing the Netflix reboot of Queer Eye, and rightly so – it’s wonderful. But of course, The Internet is not always wonderful, and The Internet will leap on any opportunity to destroy something beautiful. Case in point: Queer Eye’s (quite frankly delicious) food and wine expert, Antoni Porowski.

The foodie of the Fab 5 has copped plenty of sass on Twitter (and even some deep dives into his cheffing CV by some outlets) for his seemingly overly-simple recipes – like guacamole and sangria – as well as his apparent obsession with avocado and the fact that some of the other guys, like interiors wizard Bobby Berk, do far more work than he does.





Well, Antoni has finally clapped back at the chatter and defended his culinary skills, telling People it’s necessary to keep it simple for the men in need on the show.

I remember the first episode I went in and literally did a three-course meal with multiple components and I was thinking ‘Yes, I’m going to show off my skills here and this is going to be a full on cooking show’. But what I realised is that it’s the simple little things. This guy [Tom] had never really prepared a meal for himself.

It makes sense, really. Episode 1’s Tom, whose fave meal consisted of a nice cold redneck margarita and a packet of Marlboro Lights, isn’t about to start whipping up a fkn croquembouche tower every night.

This is somebody who’s never seen the inside of an avocado. Like that’s what we’re dealing with. We have to be realistic – I’m not going to completely change this person’s way of life in such a short amount of time, but just show that there are healthier options. You may not have access to this amazing farmer’s market the way we do in New York or L.A.

Another extremely valid point from this objectively beautiful man. So haters, just sit down, shut up and eat your delicious guacamole.