Netflix Has A New Romcom In The Works About Antoni Porowski’s Sexually Fluid Love Life

Antoni Porowski

Queer Eye food and wine god Antoni Porowski is working on a film at Netflix loosely based on his dating life as a sexually fluid man. The working title is Girls & Boys and *that* is the sound of me aggressively adding the film to my future-future-future watch list.

Porowski developed the story with Kenya Barris, the television writer known for Black-ish, BlackAF, and Grown-ishAndrew Rhymer and Jeff Chan, the filmmaker duo behind the romcom Plus One, will write the screenplay, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

And that’s it! That’s all we know for the moment. No news yet on whether or not Porowski will play himself. But if not, there’s always a chance he’ll cameo in it.

As for Queer Eye, Netflix renewed the wholesome series back in March for a sixth season. After two seasons in Georgia, two in Missouri, a special in Japan, and the upcoming fifth season in Philadelphia, Netflix announced the sixth season will film in Austin, Texas. There’s no news yet on when season 5 will premiere, but it would undoubtedly be perfect isolation viewing. Like a warm, reassuring hug that everything will be okay.

“Coming real soon” could mean anything, but while we wait you can binge / re-binge Queer Eye on Netflix now. My personal favourite is the Japan special, it just hits all the right spots.

OR, I 10/10 recommend tuning into CATV Mews, coming to you live from Jonathan Van Ness‘ apartment. Like a little burst of sunshine every couple of days.

I mean, look at this.

Okay, one more.

“And remember, say no to fake mews.” Incredible.

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