One Day Has Managed To Make The Internet Collectively Cry & The TikTok Edits Aren’t Helping

As PEDESTRIAN.TV astrologer and author Matt Galea told me, it is Pisces season so there will be LOADS of crying. So why not intensify those emotions by binge-watching Netflix’s version of One Day? ‘Cos we’re all sobbing up a storm over its depressing AF story.

People of the interwebs are currently unified over the re-telling of One Day. For folks who are not familiar with the series, it is based on the swoon-worthy novel by David Nicholls, released in 2009.

Although, when netizens agree on something about the shows and movies, it’s usually something that angers them (like the Game of Thrones finale) or something they’re in awe of.

However, this time around, viewers have expressed how the new Netflix series has left them feeling like absolute shit. Not because of terrible acting or writing *cough* Madame Web *cough*, but because of the plot and its heartbreaking ending.

Look, I won’t give too much away about One Day — as you should read the book, see the 2011 movie starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess and the Netflix series starring Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall — but I will say the plot is a darn emotional rollercoaster.

To sum it all up (without spoilers… Well, I’ll try my best) the plot follows Emma, played by Amika, and Dexter, played by Leo, and their friendship, relationship and heartbreak over the span of 20 years. Although it sounds like rainbows and ponies, it’s not for people looking for a happy ending. Keyword: ending.

(Image source: Netflix)

That being said, viewers are now sharing their reactions to Netflix‘s adaptation of the show.

If you’re here to mourn, cry and scream, come and join the crybaby corner because we are ALL sobbing over One Day.

Here are the best reactions to Netflix’s One Day series

Ugh, if you wanna keep these “good” vibes going, I highly recommend watching Ambika in This Is Going To Hurt or Me Before You for the same vibes.

Make sure you buy a new box of tissues before you do.