Meghann Fahy And Leo Woodall Are IG Official & Thirsty One Day Fans, I’m So Sorry For Your Loss

The White Lotus stars Leo Woodall and Meghann Fahy have made their romance Instagram official, confirming their status as one of the hottest acting couples on screens right now. My condolences to all the people who tuned into One Day and now have big horny crushes on Leo. Rough stuff, hey?

On Tuesday, Meghann posted a sweet pic of the two of them walking down a street, tagging Leo in the photo. Leo’s arm is draped over her shoulders, and her arm is around his waist as they stroll down a pathway. Wholesome family fun!

Bless UP! (Image: Instagram)

Meghann captioned the post with a simple, elegant and efficient: “😊🍕💙”

I couldn’t have said it better myself queen!!!!

Making fun of all the speculation surrounding the couple, Leo left a cheeky comment saying, “Who is he?!”

Whispers that these two were dating began swirling when someone wrote in to gossip queen Deuxmoi back in December 2022, claiming that the entire White Lotus cast was hooking up the whole time. Must be bloody nice to be filming in Italy for months with a bunch of other horny hot people, hey?

This is so fkn sweet. (Image: Getty)

Then in November 2023, Leo and Meghann were spotted going on a sweet stroll through New York City. They were even papped kissing in the rain. Now that’s romance, baby!!!!!

They were also spotted at the 2023 Emmys. Although they didn’t walk the red carpet as a couple, they were reportedly sitting next to each other and stealing kisses during the ad breaks.

Although I respect a celebrity couple keeping their relationship private, I’ve got to admit, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to make their romance IG official.

I can only imagine how full Leo’s DMs must be after One Day premiered on Netflix.

(P.S. — Meghann and Leo, if you’re reading this and looking for a third, my number is 0431-[redacted]-[redacted])