A Spicy IG Post Has Tipped White Lotus Fans Off To The Fact That Two Cast Members Are Dating

Following rumours that The White Lotus stars Meghann Fahy and Leo Woodall started dating while filming Season Two of the spicy show, an intriguing Instagram comment has sent fans wild.

Eagle-eye fans spied a comment Fahy left on a photo carousel shared by Woodall that read: “I love you! I love these! I love you!”

Woodall commented back: “Love you right back,” with a heart.

The leading pic showed Woodall’s finger in Fahy’s mouth. Saucy.

Romance rumours first kicked off when a sneaky spy wrote in to Deuxmoi, claiming the cast got it on while filming.

In a recent episode of the podcast Deux/U, the goss queen read off an email she was sent with tea about the cast.

The tea-spiller alleged that Meghann Fahy (Daphne) had a fling with Leo Woodall (Jack) and Haley Lu Richardson (Portia) hooked up with Adam DiMarco (Albie).

When Deuxmoi asked for clarification on whether it’s a known fact or just a rumour, the insider responded: “A part of this is true and the other part is just deduction. Meghann even went on vacation with Leo after filming ended. Haley and Adam are always together.”

Someone else wrote in and said: “Super anon please, but Meghann and Leo 1000 per cent. Tons of witnesses. Not a whole lot of secrecy behind this pairing. Haley Lu and Adam is about 85 per cent [sure that they’re hooking up].”


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Another spy who claimed to be mates with someone who works on The White Lotus insisted that it’s all legit.

“Anon please but I’m friends with a cast member of the show and while he was showing me pics and videos of his time in Italy shooting Season Two, we watched a video of Meghann and Leo canoodling in the pool,” they said.

“He explained that they got together in real life and were super cute on set. Not sure if they’re still together or if it was just a fling.”

And get this, Theo James was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone and they asked: “There are a bunch of fun rumours online that several of the younger White Lotus cast members hooked up during the making of the show. I’m curious exactly how much fun the cast of The White Lotus had in Sicily?”

The actor responded, “[Laughs] Um… We had a great time. We were in Sicily and Rome for six and a half months. The show is about unfettered hedonism, in some ways, so there was a little bit of embracing that.”

He added, “It’s a massive cast, so not every person is going to be kissing and high-fiving each other, but we definitely had a lot of fun. We also tried to remind ourselves that doing a show written by Mike White set in Sicily does not come around very often, so you should enjoy every moment and not take it for granted.”