Miley Cyrus Dares Instagram To Delete Her Post After Sharing Cheeky Nipple Doing A Cheeky Lil Slip

Miley Cyrus, who ran out of single fuck to give circa 2005, straight-up dared Instagram to take down her latest post by sharing a photo of her nipple poking its wee head out of her top. In tabloid terms, it’s what one would call a nipple slip. In Miley terms, it’s a Thursday.

The singer and newly minted NYFW model (more on that in a minute) posted a series of pap shots taken during New York Fashion Week.

“Swipe right,” she said. “But hurry. Instagram will definitely be removing this post soon.”

“I SEE U,” read one commenter (Derek Blasberg), speaking for literally all of us.

“See u soon,” commented cult tattoo parlour Bang Bang NYC, so here’s hoping Miley is getting another iconic tatt. (Nothing will ever beat her teeny tiny Vegemite, though.)

It came just hours after Miley made her surprise NYFW debut at the Marc Jacobs show, wearing a black bra, trousers, and elbow-length black leather gloves down the catwalk.

Miley is also going to be single handedly responsible for every too-cool girl you know chopping their hair into a mullet this summer, which about 0.001% of the population can pull off. Be warned.