Nigella Should Be The Fourth Judge On MasterChef Just So We Can Hear Her Narrate Everything

Nigella on MasterChef

Things are really heating up in the MasterChef kitchen (literally and metaphorically) so now they’ve started bringing in the big guns when it comes to guest judges. Tonight, we were graced by Nigella Lawson‘s presence.

Having Nigella’s energy in the kitchen completely changed things up. But perhaps most importantly was her soft and, dare I say, seductive narration of all things food.

Imagine what MasterChef would be like if every episode was narrated by Nigella.

Anyway, being an elimination episode, things kicked off with a taste test involving 18 different flavours of biscuit.

It looked yum, tbh.

But Brent, bless his heart, had been sucking on some peppermint breath mints while walking in the studio.

Now every single biscuit had strong minty overtones, which is far from ideal in a taste test.

Contestants then moved on to the pressure test, which involved recreating a rhubarb and meringue cake from Nigella’s description.

The good news for us was that we had to listen to even more of Nigella’s hypnotic narration.

Then, for some reason, everyone started dunking on Brent.

It was pretty funny tho.

The low point of the night was watching YoYo open her oven, only to find that her rhubarb looked like the shrapnel of exploded coral.

At that very moment, you could feel a very slight seismic disruption from the force of jaws hitting the floor around Australia. That was a foreboding mini-disaster if ever there was one.

After the contestants plated up, it was time for Nigella to zoom off home.

It was a hard challenge, so the contestants did pretty well, all things considered.

But sadly for YoYo (and her incredible earring collection) her cake, or more specifically, her rhubarb, just wasn’t up to scratch.

Does former contestant Khanh have anything to add about our national encounter with Nigella? Why yes, he does.

Same, tbh.