MasterChef’s Brent Is Made To Sit Out For Attending A COVID Hot Spot, Which Gets 1/10 From Me

MasterChef Australia

In the latest episode of MasterChef Australia, poor Brent has to leave the show for a short time, because he attended a COVID hot spot. Welp.

In a clip for tonight’s episode shared with, Brent is told that he needs to quarantine until Sunday’s elimination. However, in order to ensure that it’s fair for other contestants (as he skips tomorrow’s pressure test), he has to compete in next week’s pressure test no matter what.

“Okay, so there’s some tough news,” Melissa said.

“Unfortunately Brent has been exposed to a COVID hot spot and as a result has to quarantine until he returns for Sunday’s elimination. That means, he avoids tomorrow’s pressure test.

“To make it fair for everyone, Brent must compete in next week’s pressure test no matter what.

“And, if he survives that, he will continue on in the competition as usual.

“What strange times we live in,” Melissa added.

What strange times indeed. Imagine telling someone in 2019 that a MasterChef contestant has to sit out for being exposed to a COVID hotspot?? Weird.

This year MasterChef has had to work around COVID in some truly clever, yet cooked (pun unintended) ways. For example, all the big name international chefs are appearing on the show via hologram. And yes, as we know nothing good can ever come from a hologram.

But it’s not exactly the dead-celebrity-type hologram we are used to seeing, the MasterChef Australia ones are just “a vertical screen” to make it seem like they are really there.

I have to say though, the Nigella Lawson hologram was hot-shit. I’m probably biased because I love Nigella, but she truly looked godly as a hologram.

Nigella Lawson
What is this cookery?

What truly weird times we live in.