Nigella Has Arrived In Australia To Impart Her Saucy Wisdom On ‘MasterChef’

Marco Pierre White week is always one of the most entertaining on MasterChef, when the gruff Englishman shows up to impart his food wisdom on the contestants and terrify the living shit out of them.  
Because more is always more, this year, we’re getting another celebrity chef on the show – Nigella Lucy Lawson, who arrived in the country yesterday to shoot a whole week’s worth of episodes.
As proud owners of every Nigella cookbook – her chicken with chorizo and potatoes kills it every time TBH – we’re beyond eager to see what she brings to her week on the show. (Hopefully it’s smidge more exotic than avocado on toast).
Nigella appeared on an episode of MasterChef back in 2011, and speaking to News Corp about this longer run, she said:

“I can’t think of a better way of starting the new year. MasterChef Australia is such a great program, and so passionately committed to good food, that I didn’t have to think twice when I was invited to be part of this season.”
Heston Blumenthal will also be returning to the show this year, presumably teaching the contestants to make cotton candy out of seaweed and spiders or something like that. 
Meanwhile, Melbourne MasterChef fans take note: something or other related to the show is going down on Tuesday January 12, and you’re invited to take part, should you feel so inclined.
Story: News Corp
Photo: Toby Canham / Getty