Nigella Lawson, Chaotic Kitchen Goddess, Has Declared Carrot Rounds ‘Infinitely Depressing’

nigella lawson

Nigella Lawson, chaotic queen of the kitchen and inventor of the microwarvay has a handy tip to get your through the Christmas cooking season: don’t cut your carrots into circles you absolute fucking mess.

To quote Lawson directly, circle carrots are “infinitely depressing.”

In her recent episode of Cook, Eat, Repeat, 60-year-old Lawson insisted that carrots should *always* be cut into strips, not circles. And honestly, I agree. Give me a teeny, tiny carrot sword or I simply do not want it.

“I have been quite open about my prejudices over the years, but let me just say again, that I find carrots cut into rounds infinitely depressing, so it’s always batons for me,” she said in the episode, instantly sending the world into another Nigella Lawson-themed meltdown.

Although she sometimes sounds like she’s absolutely batshit crazy, Nigella Lawson is often right, and her stance on carrots is no exception.

Many fans took to Twitter to agree with the chef, asserting that circle carrots just need to stop existing. Some even said they couldn’t stomach a *gags* circle carrot.

She’s clearly onto something with this one, because an overwhelming amount of people voiced that carrot rounds actually make them really uncomfortable.

The news comes just a week after she went viral for her incredible mispronunciation of the word “microwave”, which sent us all into a collective madness for a hot minute there.

Nigella, darl, please do not ever change. You are a goddess and we would simply be lost without you.

There are lots of things in this world that are infinitely depressing, but Nigella Lawson is definitely not one of them. A queen. An icon. An inspiration.