Please Stop Whatever You’re Doing & Listen To How Nigella Lawson Pronounces ‘Microwave’

Nigella Lawson Microwave

I am truly losing it over how Nigella Lawson pronounces ‘microwave’. And so is the internet, after a clip from Cook, Eat, Repeat, her latest BBC cooking special, has made waves online in which she just casually says it so unbelievably wrong.

A slight slip up from the queen of the culinary arts I’d forgive, but “mee-kro-wav-ay” is simply unacceptable. It isn’t clear whether Nigella is fully just joking around with us, but there’s something about the way British people say words that makes me believe it may be real.

The post has been going around the internet like crazy, with Twitter users sarcastically thanking Nigella for making them aware of how to pronounce microwave properly. And of course, memes have also emerged from the depths of the web, which is the best part of anything going viral.

Check out the clip below and be ready to lose it.

And now for some iconic memes about the pronunciation. Nigella, if you’re reading this, explain yourself.

The gays, of course, have rallied behind Nigella’s pronunciation, and have decided to stan from hereon out. Microwave? What’s that? Only Mecrowavays in this house.

Just think of this moment as Genesis in the Bible. This is the beginning of a new pronunciation. The advent of change. Thus is the power of Miss Lawson.

Some folks have even gone as far as brandishing their heat boxes with the new name given to us by Nigella. Now that is commitment to the cause.

This meme involving the Queen sent me into a concussion. God, I love Twitter.

If I could uhh… get this audio up on Spotify, I’d like to use it for my next long drive down to Canberra. It slaps.

There’s no word from Nigella Lawson just yet as to whether or not this whole microwave fiasco was intentional or not, but to be honest, I respect the mystery around it.

Until then, I will valiantly support Nigella in all walks of life, and erase everything I’ve learnt about microwaves before this point from my smooth brain.