Enjoy This Vid Of Margot Robbie & America Ferrera Sniffing The Jacob Elordi Bath Water Candle

During the 2024 Golden Globes, Margot Robbie and America Ferrera proved that they’re just one of us mere mortals. They’re disgustingly interested in the smell of Jacob Elordi‘s bathtub water.

The entertainment world is seemingly healing after the tumultuous events of 2023. ICYMI: Actors and writers participated in the SAG-AFTRA writer’s strike, protesting for better pay and job security.

But now, it seems like actors are returning to their old antics since the strike ended via the 2024 Golden Globe Awards — an exclusive event where folks in Hollywood are recognised for their contributions to entertainment.

Although punters are enthralled by emotional (or shitty) speeches, gorgeous gowns and gossip, it’s the shit that some red-carpet reporters come up with that cracks us up.

During the Golden Globes red carpet, Entertainment Tonight decided to make a bunch of famous people take a whiff of the infamous candle that apparently smells like Jacob Elordi’s bath water in Saltburn. You know, that bath water Barry Keoghan guzzled?

Anyways, a lot of folks were offered the candle by the entertainment journos such as Elordi’s Priscilla co-star Cailee Spaeny — who said she “doesn’t know how [she] should react” but “smells really nice” — and Saltburn‘s Rosamund Pike, who flat-out refused to take a whiff.

But it was Barbie‘s Margot Robbie and America Ferrerra’s reaction that SENT ME.

After praising Saltburn with the two Barbie gals, Entertainment Tonight‘s Nischelle Turner whipped out the candle for Margot and America to smell.

Initially, America was like keep that away from me, but Margot enthusiastically grabbed it and gave it a proper SNIFF. She’s just like one of us, y’all!!!

The Barbie star went on to confirm that it smelt “just like Jacob’s bathwater”.

After Margot gave it a convincing review, America gave it a big ol’ whiff and said it “smells good”.

America’s whole thought process was definitely reminiscent of Britanny Broski‘s infamous kombucha meme.

America be like… (Image source: TikTok / @Brittany_Broski)

For those who are curious about Barry’s — the man who luckily drank the bathtub water forealsies — reaction, unfortunately, the lad didn’t get to give the actual candle a live sniff. However, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said the candles were “lovely” and “smells good”. He also confirmed that it “smells like Jacob”.

So far, Margot and Barry have confirmed it smells like the hunky lad.

Guess I’ll unfortunately have to buy it to test it out myself before trusting these celebs…

Image source: YouTube / Entertainment Tonight