Margaret Pomeranz Reviewed Byron Baes & I Cannot Stop Watching Her Rip It To Shreds

margaret pomeranz byron baes

Beloved Aussie movie reviewer Margaret Pomeranz has given her official review of Netflix’s Byron Baes, and it’s as scathing as you’d expect from the queen of takedowns. I simply cannot stop watching.

For those who do not know, Margaret is one half of the legendary show At The Movies, which ran from 2004-2014. Her co-star David Stratton often sat right by her side with equally poignant takes, and the duo were just a joy to watch.

This time around however Margaret is riding solo, joining ABC’s The Weekly with Charlie Pickering for a super smackdown of Byron Baes.

I too know the pain this show can cause on a physical level after being locked in a room by Netflix to watch the entire show in one sitting. Much like Margaret, I had quite the opinion brewing in my brain.

However, I do not possess the talent for ripping shows/movies to shreds as she does. She simply has a way with words that I aspire towards. Her vocabulary is overflowing with the most colourful adjectives that really make her vicious reads all the more fun to listen to. My smooth brain could never.

“In the Netflix series Byron Baes local creatives meet influencers from interstate in a bold experiment asking: ‘what if someone from the gold coast moved one hour away?’” said Margaret.

“One could be forgiven for seeing these characters as soulless superficial rat humans but beneath the linen and absence of personality, there’s a lack of self-awareness here that is undeniably captivating.

“Who needs real science when you’ve got sunshine the mermaid?”

Soulless. Superficial. Rat humans.

If someone called me that I would never financially, emotionally or spiritually recover.

“A gripping character and lovingly crafted milieu of influencer culture, Byron Baes can ultimately be summed up with one word: dogshit.”

Netflix if you’re reading this, she said it not me.

You can watch the full takedown below:

If you need me I’m going to be forming a petition to bring back At The Movies. I’m just dying to listen to Margaret’s opinion on Everything Everywhere All At Once or Robert Pattinson’s Batman.