Here’s How Much Each Byron Baes Cast Member Cops For An IG Spon Post & It Pays To Have 12 Abs

byron baes instagram salaries earnings

The best sound healing one can offer is the melodic chimes of Byron Baes. Those subtle tones of spilling tea, that riveting timbre of Queenslander discrimination, it’s simply sumptuous. If you haven’t experienced the madness for yourself, you just don’t know what you’re missing.

Despite their lofty ways and white flowing dresses, the people on Byron Baes are in fact real. We’ve already spoken about how many dragon eggs they can buy with their salaries from the show, but how much dosh do they make from their incessant Instagram posting?

It only makes sense to examine their sponsored Insta earnings after the app played such a pivotal role throughout the show. Fake followers and the block button were basically main characters.

So without further ado, here are the predicted Insta earnings of each cast member from highest to lowest, thanks to a bit of sleuthing by online shopping bargain hunters, WeThrift.

Jade Kevin Foster

All those followers from Turkey do a bank account good, it seems.

With over 1.2M followers on the ’gram, it’s estimated that Jade earns roughly $4,403 each post on average.

At that point, I’d be posting every damn day. Any brand could sponsor my ab pics, why not.

Elias Black

Father of my children, king of all men and light that guides souls into heavenly bliss.

It’s shocking to me that Elias only has over 150K followers, considering how smoking hot he is.

It must be the girlfriend pics that deter the thirst follows.

Either way, king Elias is estimated to make roughly $805 dollarydoos per post on average. Icon shit.

Nathan Favro

With 100K followers less than Elias (ha ha), this Byron Baes bad boy is said to earn around $375 per post.

Not bad for fuckboi.

Sarah St. James

Our Byron Baes queen with musical dreams, trying to make it in the big… Byron.

With 43K followers it’s assumed that Sarah makes about $330 from each of her posts on average.

Now go stream her music so she doesn’t have to move towns and get heartbroken again.

Jessica Johansen-Bell

The more prominently featured of the two sisters from Byron Baes, Jessica is said to also make around $330 per post.

Looks like it doesn’t matter if you’re from Byron or Queensland after all.

Cai Leplaw

A wholesome king who just wanted to sell his sick art and continue tattooing pigskin in peace.

Cai is said to reap around $260 for each of his posts on average. Love that for him.

Saskia Wotton

Shit-stirrer without a spoon Saskia loved a good bit of drama. But the drama doesn’t come for free.

With roughly the same amount of followers as Cai (somehow), sassy Sas is estimated to also get somewhere around $260 for her posts.

Hannah Brauer

Queen of the crystals and the cacao herself. Hannah is probably transfixed by many things in her life that aren’t Instagram, so excuse her for being so low on this list.

But hey, she apparently gets an estimated $240 per post on average, which is nothing to scoff at.


Lord of the fire ceremonies and gatekeeper of Byron Bay.

With roughly the same amount of followers as crystal kween Hannah, Simba is estimated to claim around $240 every time he posts.

Lauren Johansen-Bell

The other Johansen-Bell. The one without the fashion show. You remember her right?

Despite her lack of Byron Baes screentime, Lauren is a full-time model who is estimated to be making around $200 every time she posts on average. Kinda iconic.

Elle Watson

Mermaid-loving environmentally conscious housemate-feeler Elle has around 11K followers on the gram, none of whom are her on-screen boo Stav.

Only just scraping over the micro-influencer landmark of 10K means that Elle would only make around $120 a post if anything.

Alex Reid & Frimmy/Fromo/Freddo?

I’ve seen Aussie journos with more followers than these two.

Considering their follower count isn’t exceptionally high it’s predicted these two would be getting around $85 a post from sponsored content, otherwise they’re just like us normal people, posting their lives on the grid.