The Byron Baes Trailer Is Finally Here & Yes, It’s Full Of Crystal Healing And Cliquey Drama

Byron Baes trailer

It seems like the controversy surrounding Byron Baes hasn’t stopped the show from ploughing ahead, with Netflix releasing a trailer to hype the show’s March 9 release date.

If you’re a reality TV fan, you’ve probably heard of the notorious Byron Baes.

If not because of Byron Bay locals’ angry protests against the show, then maybe because of all that tea around its contestants during lockdown. Or maybe you’ve read this spicy interview.

Well, whether we like it or not, Byron Baes is here, and Netflix has finally dropped a trailer to show us what the hype is all about.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what the show would actually be about. Is it a dating show? Or a competition?

According to the trailer, it’s neither! Byron Baes looks like a docu-soap that centres on a clique of influencers trying to build a career and make friends in Byron Bay.

Looks like there’s cliquey drama, petty fights, lots of crystals, and dare I say — some character development and growth?

That’s what Netflix reckons, with Netflix ANZ’s Director of Content Que Minh Luu describing the show as one that is about “this very human need to be loved.”

“The show is authentic and honest, and while it carries all the classic hallmarks of the form and embraces the drama, heartbreak and conflict that makes for such entertaining viewing, our goal is to lift the curtain on influencer culture to understand the motivation, the desire, and the pain behind this very human need to be loved,” she said, per

“The reason behind choosing Byron Bay as a location was driven by the area’s unique attributes as a melting pot of entrepreneurialism, lifestyle and health practices, and the sometimes uneasy coming together of the traditional ‘old Byron’ and the alternative ‘new’, all of which we’ll address in the series.”

Well I, for one, am super keen to see these influencers tackle ideas of gentrification and cultural appropriation.

Byron Baes will hit Netflix on Wednesday 9 March.