Margaret & David Reviewing 2020 Like It’s A Movie Has Released All My Serotonin At Once

Margaret & David Review 2020

Beloved Aussie reviewers Margaret & David have given their official review of 2020, and it is truly the best thing that this year could have possibly offered up.

The stars of the legendary show At The Movies, which ran from 2004-2014, have teamed up with The Shovel to give their very own review of this blessed year that has just gone by, and to make things even more wholesome, they’ve done it in the usual style of their show.

In the words of our very own David Stratton, 2020 was a pretty awful experience overall, and deserved zero stars. His description of the plot was simply brilliant too.

“An aging despot with deteriorating mental health refuses to engage with a global pandemic and overboiling racial tensions, while people are forced to stay home to watch a documentary on big cat game parks,” says David.

Have a squiz of the clip for yourself right here.

Throughout the first half of the vid, David gives a pretty scathing review of the way 2020 has played out, criticising it for not ever knowing what it is.

I mean, it’s a pretty fair critique of the year that was 2020. At many points, even all of us as minor actors in the film had no idea what the fuck was going on.

“In another director’s hands perhaps it could have worked, but unfortunately, 2020 is a disappointing failure.”

“It’s difficult to work out what 2020 actually is. A sci-fi? A disaster epic? A political drama? Some sort of
dark comedy? It’s hard to tell.”

Meanwhile, Margaret Pomeranz absolutely loved the year, and gave it a whopping five stars, saying that the entire movie that was 2020 was a conceptual masterpiece, not meant to be taken seriously.

Examples that she brought up were Donald Trump telling folks to drink bleach, Kim Jong Un dying like five times and Prince Philip retiring, despite doing no work in the first place.

When you put it all like that, then I guess yeah, this year did have quite a bit of comedic value.

“I loved 2020,” said Margaret.

“I thought it was ridiculous, satirical, vastly entertaining, absolutely hilarious.”

Now whether the year that was 2020 deserves five stars or zero, this video right here is the real winner in our hearts.