Margaret Pomeranz Jumps Ship To Foxtel, Set To Co-Host Weekly Show “Screen”

After 2014’s most heartbreaking headline announcing the retirement of much-beloved “At The Movies” (RIP, still crying), co-host and glamour earring #goals Margaret Pomeranz is coming back to Australian screens, so everything will be right in the world once more. 

Thank God that hiatus didn’t last very long. MP said, of her brief retirement: “I thought I was just going to lie on a beach somewhere and read crimmies [crime novels]…I’m rather relieved that that’s not going to happen.”

Per The Sydney Morning Herald, Margaret Pomeranz has announced her move to Foxtel, where she will soon be presenting two (!!) new film and TV programs. Both are, tragically, without partner in film critic arguments David Stratton, an extremely harrowing development indeed. 1 star.

Pomeranz will be co-host Screen, a half-hour show adding on to the classic “At The Movies” formula with more interviews, special guests and reviews on TV and web viewing as well as new film releases. Midge will be joined by Aussie actor, director, producer and writer Graeme Blundell, who we’re sure will be a fine candidate and credible host, but who will just never be David motherfucking Stratton.  

Pomeranz admitted to SMH that Blundell will be a “completely different” partner to Stratton on Screen, adding that the tone will thus be shaken up: “David [Stratton] has got this amazing wealth of knowledge about cinema and I think people perceive him as being quite serious, and he is very serious about cinema. I think this is going to be a bit lighter. Lighter but not lightweight.”

A slew of high caliber films will also be selected for Margaret Pomeranz Presents, airing on Foxtel’s Movie Masterpiece channel.

Stratton or no Stratton, SHE’S BACK YOU GUYS!

And because we can, let’s take a look at Australia’s greatest twitter parody account. Wish you were real, DavidStratton9.

via SMH.
Lead image by Brendon Thorne via Getty.