You’ll Never Believe It, But We Have Proof That One ‘MAFS’ Pair Is Still Together

Because Married At First Sight (MAFS) was filmed months before the show went to air, the recent movements of the contestants who are now living out in the wild has revealed some sneaky spoilers and we’re here for the tea.

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Before I proceed, I must warn you that if you’re not about a spoiler, you’re gonna wanna back TF outta this window RN.

Controversial contestant Mike Gunner has been spotted going for a surf in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast wearing his wedding ring five months after tying the knot, Daily Mail Australia reveals.

Cop the pics for yourself via the DM riiiight HERE.

Not sure how the contract system works here but Gunner’s fellow contestants including Sam Ball and Ning Surasiang have made it clear that they’re not longer with their MAFS partner (or any other contestant, for that matter) so it’s looking like the experts got at least one thing right.

Latcham (left) with Gunner (right)

Now, this might come as a shock to viewers given his behaviour on the Channel Nine dating series.

The 45-year-old electrician, who got hitched to 37-year-old Heidi Latcham, has come under fire for commenting on the other brides, saying that Jessika Power is an “attractive young girl” (*shudders*) and calling Elizabeth Sobinoff “sweetheart”.

The latter comment was met with immediate backlash from fans who slammed him for demeaning his fellow contestant.

“Mike calling the girls sweetheart and correcting s*** is actually f***ing b******t. Like please don’t. Whether Jess misheard or not, he seemed so damn condescending!” one fan tweeted.

Another fan added: “If this c*** calls one more person sweetheart I gonna scream!”

In a teaser for the next episode, psychologist Mel Schilling loses her shit at a male contestant for using sexist language during a commitment ceremony.

“A tip from me to you: don’t use language like that, don’t speak about women like that, if you want any chance of a relationship with a woman,” she says.

Given the backlash aimed at Gunner over his language towards the female participants, it’s likely that he has his ass handed to him in the next ep but then again, it could be any one of these bozos.