If you’ve been following Married At First Sight even in a generalised way this season, you’re across the big stuff. Ines Basic. The Dan Webb and Jessika Power affair. Elizabeth Sobinoff‘s doomed married to Sam Ball. Cyrell screaming at people. Well, be sure to tune in this week because all of that top-line drama is going down, folks. At least if this trailer is anything to go by.

Yep, we’re at the final week of MAFS babey, and they’re not going out without several screaming matches and dramatic mouth-drops.

First, Ines is back. HELL YES. Sorry, she was a horrible human being but also this show is really just about the drama and she really brings the drama. I want to see her interact with Sam Ball, but someone else who really wants to rip that guy a new one is his ex-wife Elizabeth Sobinoff.

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That whole bit about “he’ll wish he’d never been born” is probably not bullshit going by her previous take-downs of people who have wronged her.

Also – Cyrell being held back during a fight with Martha? JFC this show.

Obviously there’s also the remaining couples making decisions on their future post-show, but who cares! It’s pretty obvious save for some huge plot twist that Martha/Michael, Jules/Cam and Mark/Ning will say yes (my money is on all of them announcing splits in the next 3 months) while the others will bin their relationships.


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