Everyone’s Rallying Around MAFS’ Vanessa, Who’s Way Too Bloody Hard On Herself

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Watching MAFS is like peeling a huge fucking onion, you’re bound to be ugly shrieking for one reason or another. This episode featured awkward conversations with conservative parents, speak-to-the-manager bob haircuts, cringe karaoke and a heartbreaking crisis in self-confidence (check out the full episode recap here).

Twitter discourse essentially revolved around two things tonight – the inevitable shitshow that is Hayley, David and David’s conservative parents, and the outpour of love for Vanessa, who’s so damn beautiful but doesn’t realise it.

Let’s start with the shitshow, ’cause that’s what MAFS is all about.

There was definitely some cheeky intent behind this pairing, let’s be real.

Also, behold one of my all-time favourite GIFs:

Huge mood incoming:

Oh my fucking God. I’m deceased. Why’d you have to bring Karen into this MAFS episode, @beermitchell? Will Karen ever catch a break? Unlikely.

Anyhoo, we all caught on to the fact that David’s parents are super overjoyed and supportive. This is substantiated by the number of cuts made to David’s parents throughout the wedding looking super overjoyed and supportive.

When David’s dad tells him to get to know Hayley first before “going… getting… in too deep”… I, I felt disturbed. We were absolutely all thinking this:



Onto other more-important news… the rest of the Twitter round-up will now be reserved for Vanessa, because she’s a fucking queen and it breaks my heart that she doesn’t see the queen within.


Here’s to Vanessa thriving this season – she bloody deserves it.