As the latest season of MAFS heats up, many viewers have begun to notice that newlyweds Vanessa and Chris are literally nowhere to be seen on the show. And they’re not wrong in their unanimous observation – according to my calculations, they’ve received approximately 0.0000000001 seconds of airtime. Literal ghosts.

Well, according to Daily Mail, there’s a reason for their subsequent disappearing act, and it’s entirely due to their lack of drama.

“After their wedding they just faded into the background compared to the bigger personalities,” a source allegedly told the publication.

“There wasn’t any arguments or drama, they just took things nice and slowly while getting to know each other, which isn’t particularly interesting to watch on TV.”

I think it’s safe to say that we really didn’t need an alleged source to figure this one out at all. After all, when it comes to reality television, producers and editors rely on drama to construct and fuel a narrative – if you don’t create drama, there’s no storyline and, ultimately, no airtime. This rings particularly true for a show like MAFS, in which the large majority have huge personalities, so it’s not surprising that the less controversial figures (AKA Vanessa and Chris) are starting to get a little lost amongst the noise.

Image: Channel Nine