Just Gonna Say What Everyone Is Thinking: Who The Fuck Are Vanessa And Chris On ‘MAFS’

mafs vanessa and chris

The MAFS world is really heating up, but in the midst of Tash and Amanda’s breakup and Josh and Cathy’s make up, Twitter users were left with one glaring question.


Some fans on Twitter were calling them the most under the radar couple of this season, but they literally weren’t even on my radar at all.

Who the fuck are these strangers? I have never seen these people in my entire life.

Chris? Vanessa? Never heard of them.

In the interest of everyone on Twitter, I did some research.

Vanessa is a 31-year-old pharmacy manager from Perth, who suffered crippling acne as a teenager. She has low self-esteem and insecurity issues. She was paired with 37-year-old Chris, a correctional youth worker from Adelaide who wants an “outdoorsy” girl. He’s a single dad, has two failed engagements under his belt and seems to be looking to settle TF down.

Honestly, they sound like they could be an interesting couple. But even as someone who writes about this show for a living, I swear to God I’ve never seen these people in my life.

According to my research, they’ve worked on their intimacy since the wedding day (when Vanessa freaked out about her skin). But we’ve only been able to see tiny glimpses of their relationship, like Vanessa’s sexy nurse moment when Chris got the man-flu.

They’re not exactly memorable, but maybe that’s a good sign. Surely that’s better than being remembered as the toxic couple or the demons (Stacey & Michael).