We’re at that point in the Married At First Sight (MAFS) game where the stuff that goes down off-camera is just as spicy as what we see on-camera.

For example, the radio interviews. My god, the radio interviews…

Stacey Hampton was reportedly left in tears as she appeared on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O as the hosts insisted that she be interviewed alongside her TV hubby, Michael Goonan.

The scorned bride refused the interview as he made a “mockery” of her, and so they were interviewed separately instead.

During his interview, Michael said he “put on a clown suit on for Australia, I dressed up and I juggled.”

Adding, “It’s a TV show guys, live and learn.”

Stacey was next on-air, where she said: “After hearing that nonsense, who the hell would want to be on the phone with him?”

“Who goes on radio and says it was a good three months, I had the clown suit on?”

She added: “I was there to find love, you met my children, what the hell is going on? You just made a mockery of me!”

The reality star added that she was “gobsmacked” by his comments and joked that she will “go lesbian” after failing to find love.

She also admitted that Michael leaving her to go out partying “brought up a lot of trauma” for her, as it had happened to her before in a previous relationship.