MAFS: Sam Says He Didn’t Want To “Get Too Close” To His Bride ‘Coz Of Her Hair

Looks like MAFS star Sam Ball still hasn’t learned that mocking his bride’s appearance is a fucked up thing to do as he has just unleashed on Elizabeth Sobinoff‘s hair extensions.

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Mere days after an episode aired where he complained about his bride’s weight, the 26-year-old took the piss out of her looks once again during his appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

“I didn’t get too close to the hair extensions that’s for sure,” he told the shock jocks.

“I got a close look, I think there’s a netting issue there, there’s something going on. I didn’t ask any questions, but obviously there’s the extensions and stuff like that… it’s a different look.”

Ball tried to cover his tracks by insisting that it’s not his intention to diss his bride’s looks and suuuuure Jan.

“I didn’t really go into [the show] to start picking her apart with her physical attributes,” he alleged.

Ball recently came under fire for comments he made about his bride’s weight including that he “never really dated girls as big as Elizabeth in the past,” adding “Maybe I’ll get her running in the mornings or something, drag her out of bed. I don’t know. She’ll be right, we will get her going.”

He later clarified his comments during an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

“She is very tall and loud,” he told the outlet. “She fills a room when she comes in. She is very confident in her own skin, and I think good on her for being body positive. That said, there are a lot of lifestyle differences between us like eating breakfast; she eats chocolate and Gatorade and I eat a wholesome meal.”


It should come as no shock to fans that Ball is reportedly set to leave Elizabeth for another bride in an upcoming wife swap storyline.

An insider told Daily Mail Australia that the tradie thinks going on the show was “the biggest mistake and regrets it all.”

Meanwhile a production source claims Sam wanted to quit the show as soon as he married Elizabeth and felt he was “giving producers what they wanted” by moving on with another bride.

“He just felt trapped on the show and wasn’t happy with Elizabeth,” they added.