The Internet Wants To Adopt 25 Y.O MAFS Puppy Al After His Reaction To Sam’s Mixed Signals

mafs al sam kiss

Married At First Sight fans pitied Al after he opened up about his fear of rejection from Sam in Monday night’s episode. Bless this sweet puppy of a 25-year-old man.

In case you missed it, Sam and Al were asked to rank each other with the other brides and grooms on the show last week. Al confidently put Sam first as Sam placed Al in third. She told him that she was more attracted to older men like IRL Daddy Anthony and Texan Daddy Andrew.

Al was pretty heartbroken by the results even compared to Sam’s response to his wedding vows made up of Eminem lyrics.

When the pair were asked to share a cheeky pash in Monday night’s episode, Sam said she didn’t want to do it. She explained that she didn’t want to go through with it because Al didn’t follow her to bed the night prior when they shared a smooch.

They eventually made out because of course they did. But the whole incident still left fans (me included) simping hardcore for the grown man who was doing the worm on his wedding day.

“Al is growing on me. Ok, I said it,” wrote one user as the episode finished airing.

“Al is so confused and I almost feel sorry for the poor kid,” added another.

Others have praised Al for his communication compared to other partners on the show—ahem, Andrew and Selin, take notes.

Here were the best tweets about Al’s reaction to Sam’s mixed signals in Monday night’s Married At First Sight ep.

The internet couldn’t get enough of Selin’s petty response to the stay or leave question in Sunday night’s episode, particularly after the experts went in on the MAFS bride’s behaviour. It also can’t stop seeing Mitch in a turtleneck as Jeff from the Wiggles—and you won’t either.

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.