Married At First Sight fans were squinting at their tellies on Sunday night to read Selin’s response to the show’s big question: stay or leave?

The couples were asked on Sunday night’s episode if they wanted to continue the experiment together after Confessions Week where the pairs were asked to rank the grooms/brides by most to least attractive and reveal their deepest secrets.

Several of the show’s unbothered and thriving couples, like this season’s endgame OTP Olivia and Jackson and the loveably horny duo Ella and Mitch, made the unanimous decision to stay.

Anthony and Selin were among them. They agreed to work through their miscommunication and the way they speak to each other after the experts roasted Selin for calling Anthony a “princess” for showing emotional vulnerability.

But Selin who so far has appeared to never miss an opportunity to be petty took her stay or leave moment to make another hilariously petty dig that was actually kinda iconic.

Selin wrote “stay” in the tiniest font size. You had to pause and enhance your TV screens like an NCIS crime analyst to read it. It was that small.

mafs selin stay

It wouldn’t be an episode of MAFS this year without the internet having some words about either Selin or Andrew‘s behaviour on the show so here were the best tweets about Selin’s tiny ass “stay”.

“Selin writing stay in font size four is outrageous,” wrote one user.

“So Selin will stay… in four font… comic sans,” added another.

Some fans also questioned whether Selin wrote the word in such tiny font because she didn’t know how to spell the word which is just so fkn funny I cannot deal with it.

Married At First Sight airs on Sunday at 7pm and Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel Nine and 9Now.