Let’s Talk About All The Misogynistic Bullshit That Occurred On MAFS & Why It’s Unacceptable

MAFS definitely isn’t known for it’s bleeding-heart-feminist-content, but that doesn’t mean that some of the contestants toxic behaviour should be ignored. Throughout episode four of the insane reality show, there was a lot of blatant misogyny (like a lot) and many people on Twitter agreed that what we saw was completely unacceptable.

During the episode, we hit the douchebag trifecta with three of the grooms showcasing their pretty icky attitudes toward women. It sets a really bad example for men and women alike, and makes you wonder whether those opinions are more commonplace than we’d like to think.

Let’s start with the interaction between Sam and Coco. Basically, Sam said that things didn’t work out with his ex, because: “She didn’t have features that I desire, which is a female with a bit of curve.” BARF.

He then really put his foot in it and said: “It’s frustrating for me, because it’s like, I need a girl with boobs, and it’s like, not everyone has big boobs, do you know what I mean?”

No, Sam I really don’t.


And that’s not even the first example of body-shaming on MAFS.


Bryce is another person who again, values a woman based on her appearance. Just last episode, he said that Melissa was not his usual type and when he first met her thought that because she has “blonde” hair that she’s “not ugly.”

Not ugly! Not ugly! That woman is an ethereal goddess.


AND Cam told A MOTHER OF TWO BOYS (who is obviously busy AF) that she’s not his usual type because she doesn’t go to the gym. SORRY WOT????

The reason that this type of body-shaming is extremely concerning is because there are a lot of people who might watch these encounters and think THAT’S NORMAL, or that’s what men *actually* think.

There’s a really unhealthy narrative that plays out on reality TV (particularly dating shows) where a woman’s value is all put on her appearance. And yes it goes for men too.

My concern is that women (and young girls especially) might watch MAFS and think that they should change themselves to suit this seriously unattainable high standard of what we should look like.

Even Coco who is fit AF was judged by Sam for weighing out her macros last ep. So she has to be thin, but she can’t care about what she eats? Do you see how this sets an impossible standard??

This is when the ‘experts’ kind of need to do something aside from patting themselves on the back for what a ‘good’ job at matchmaking they’ve done. They need to say, “if a guy only values you on your appearance, then fuck them.”

Because all that’s happening is that these women are having to accept this behaviour for the sake of the experiment. BUT what kind of example does that set for us sitting at home?

PSA: if someone isn’t interested in who you really are, nothing you do will change that. Not a boob job, not going to the gym and not being thin. It truly doesn’t matter to them.