In Defence Of Poppy, Married At First Sight’s Most Polarising Spouse

I’m calling it: although MAFS has just begun, and we have a long, long road ahead of us, polarising figure Poppy has cemented her place in my heart.

It’s definitely been a roller-coaster of an episode (check out the full recap here), but no MAFS star has sparked more of a debate so far than Poppy. While many appreciated her one-liner zingers and upfront banter, many viewers weren’t so appreciative of her coldness to Luke, who is 100% a legend and was nothing but caring and supportive to her from the get-go.

And it’s true – she was cold to him, while he was super lovely and just a huge cuddly teddy bear, but I think it’d be a mistake to judge Poppy purely based on her antics at the reception.

I think it’s fair enough she was overwhelmed by the situation, to be honest. Yes, she obviously signed up for the show with a sound awareness of what MAFS entails, but I think it’s fair to say that Poppy didn’t know how she was going to react once she was in the situation. Besides, she acknowledged that she was in the wrong and appreciated Luke for being the true gent he is. Then, after relaxing a little, I reckon the real Poppy started to shine through, the one that made us all giggle during the intros. And that’s all thanks to Luke’s kindness – if anyone can bring out the best in her, I reckon it could be him.

If she starts to settle in, I’m sure we’ll have some stellar TV on our hands.

I mean, we’ve already witnessed some low-key iconic moments and it’s only been the first episode… How could you not admire a woman who jokes about her husband tripping and falling into someone else’s vagina? How could you not love a single mum who refers to her twins as cock and block? How could you not be in total awe of the inventor of Bridal Bourbons?

I have a good feeling about her, and I feel like she’ll produce some even more iconic moments and quotable one-liners. Don’t write her off just yet.