Here’s The Shady-Ass Reason Why Poppy & Luke Weren’t Even Mentioned On Last Night’s ‘MAFS’

A whole lotta shit went down on last night’s Married At First Sight episode, from the bitter conclusion of Amanda Micallef and Tash Herz’s relationship to Natasha Spencer shading her groom’s sexual inadequacies.

In the midst of all the drama, you may have forgotten that a big elephant in the room was left unmentioned: Poppy Jennings and Luke Eglin’s departure.

After Poppy abruptly exited the series, forcing Luke to also bow out, the pair have made national headlines for mentioning each other in subsequent interviews and social media posts, so naturally punters were gunning for some kind of clarification in the ep but we got nuffin.

Well, according to Daily Mail Australia, the other couples had already been made aware of Poppy’s departure off-camera, and were asked by producers “not to talk about it” on-camera.

“Everybody found out pretty much immediately after Poppy and Luke had left. All the couples lived in the same building and were in constant contact,” a sneaky insider told the publication.

“There was a lot of confusion, with many aware Poppy had made some accusations. Producers told them she’d left to be with her family, and that was it.”

The insider added, “They were told not to talk about it and then just continued with the show.”

Mystery solved.