OOFT: ‘MAFS’ Star Poppy Just Dropped Some Major Tea About Luke In A Tell-All FB Post


The MAFS tea never ends!! It never ends, you guys! First, Poppy leaves the experiment and breaks all our hearts by dumping Luke like a hot potatey. Then, an interview emerges where she essentially says Luke was annoying her with his positivity. 

But NOW, after endless social / media scrutiny, Poppy has told ~ her truth ~ via a Facebook post that amassed more than 11,000 comments before it was deleted.

“Thanks to everyone that actually knows me for their messages of support,” Poppy said.

“I’m obviously being hammered by media and trolls right now. I haven’t watched the show, I refuse to.”

She starts off by saying what we *do* already know – we saw six minutes of a four day long honeymoon. But then she drops some bombs. Luke was allegedly fake off-camera! He wasn’t just a different person, he was apparently a dickhead!

It gets spicier. Luke was allegedly asked by his bosses to behave while on the show – WILD IF TRUE.

She claimed Luke was “fake on camera” and a “complete dickhead behind the scenes” – which, if true, would hardly make Luke the first reality TV star guilty of this.

“It was infuriating!!! I was there, I was uncomfortable with all the things about this person I was matched with that didn’t add up!”

Poppy expressed her dismay at MAFS producers choosing to show her “ugly crying and whinging over her kids”, hinting that other comments she made were unable to be aired.

“Fuck, I’d probably hate me too!” she said. “From what I heard that’s all they play of me!”

She also dropped strong hints that Luke was crying when she left for reasons entirely unrelated to the end of their relationship.

“He’s petrified I’m going to talk,” she writes. “He knows he’s fucked up.”

At the time of publication, both Luke and Channel Nine haven’t commented on the Facebook post. Nine has been contacted for comment.