The new season of Married At First Sight (MAFS) literally hasn’t even kicked off yet and we already have a big stinkin’ scandal involving this year’s contestants (literally!).

The Daily Telegraph reports that a video has surfaced showing a contestant using his on-screen wife’s toothbrush to clean faecal matter that she had allegedly left in their toilet.

Charming, huh?

The couple has been identified as 31-year-old truck driver David Cannon and finance broker Hayley Vernon, both hailing from Melbourne.

Apparently the video was played in front of all the contestants in a reunion episode that was shot after the series wrapped.

Well Shit: ‘MAFS’ 2020 Scandal Involves A Groom Cleaning The Loo With His Wife’s Toothbrush

The Telly contacted Cannon yesterday but he said he was forbidden from commenting on the shitty situation.

“It was going to come out no matter what. It is something that is now regretted,” he said.

Vernon was also restricted from commenting.

“I can’t really comment,” she said. “I just prefer not to.”

The publication reports that the pair split up on the show and we sure as shit know why.

Shit’s about to go down when the next season of MAFS premieres on Channel Nine on February 3.

Until then, check out the spicy as shit tea about all the contestants here.