A ‘Kyle & Jackie O’ Producer Cleaned His Teeth With The Shitty ‘MAFS’ Toothbrush Live On Air

I regret to inform you that the Married At First Sight toothbrush in the toilet bowl saga is still going and it’s taken an even grosser turn.

In a deeply disturbing segment of The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the hosts get their filthy mitts on the very toothbrush that was dunked in the toot.

“I have my hands on Hayley’s toothbrush that David cleaned the toilet with on MAFS last night. Here it is guys, this is it,” Jackie says.

A producer then volunteers to clean his mouth using Hayley Vernon’s soiled toothbrush, while the MAFS bride listens on via telephone.

“I wanted to sell it to a magazine but I gave it to you guys instead,” the finance broker said.

“I definitely don’t want it [back]. You guys can have fun with it,” she added.

Producer Tom Whitaker then, for god only knows what reason, agreed to clean his teeth with the dirty toothbrush for $1,000.

Tom rinsed the brush in a glass of tap water before scrubbing his teeth and tongue for 20 seconds.

Watch the shitshow (literally) go down here.

Following the gross act, Jackie gets up and says: “This is the lowest of the low. I’m leaving! I refuse to be a part of this disgusting segment.”

Cursed, cursed times.