Literally no reality TV series is free from drama, not even Dancing With The Stars Australia which has come under fire shortly after announcing its contenders for 2020.

Mere hours after Ten unveiled the cast of this year’s dance comp, former The Bachelorette contestant Lee Elliott lashed out about a fellow reality star who had signed up.

Said reality star is controversial Married At First Sight (MAFS) groom Dean Wells.

“When did this country start celebrating intolerable, sexist, chauvinistic bigots?” He wrote.

Credit: Instagram

Dean quickly became the villain on the 2018 season of MAFS after cheating on his missus Tracey Jewel with Davina Rankin which became quite the scandal at the time.

He went on to pursue his original match Tracey weeks after the finale aired with a series of X-rated text messages that were aired on Kyle and Jackie O.

Tracey later appeared on the show and detailed the obscene words Dean had sent her, all the while knowing she was in a relationship with another contestant.

“So he’s texting her and he goes, ‘Right now I’m sitting her in the corner of my bedroom and I am watching two people have sex in front of me’’,” Jackie said. “And then he sends a picture of the girl.”

Wells also played a nasty April Fools prank on her, claiming that the pair had reconciled.

“Despite our differences, and all that we have been through, in the long run it seems the experts may have got it right,” he wrote beneath a selfie with Tracey.

He later revealed it was a prank.

This season should certainly be interesting…