We’ve seen rumours and reports of which guys and gals will be walking down the aisle in the next season of Married at First Sight and now Channel Nine has officially dropped the names and pics of who’ll be bringing the drama.

With the popular reality series expected to premiere on February 3, the network has released official photos of this year’s participants.

The show has given viewers a glimpse of 11 new brides and nine grooms, with more expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Have at it…


Natasha, 26

Location: Sydney

Job: Financial analyst

The tea: Often described as “bold” and “bossy”, Natasha has a thing for older men and same, sis.

Amanda, 34

Location: Melbourne

Job: Strength coach.

The tea: One half of MAFS’ first ever same-sex couple, Amanda marries Tash and sadly receives backlash from her disapproving, conservative family.

Cathy, 26

Location: Sydney

Job: Logistics investigator

The tea: This brainy babe has her fair share of trust issues, having been cheated on by two ratbag partners in the past.

Vanessa, 31

Location: Perth

Job: Pharmacy manager

The tea: Like many, Vanessa experienced bullying in high school and unfortunately it’s had an affect on her adult relationships as she struggles with low self-esteem and has a habit of rejecting men before they reject her.

Stacey, 25

Location: Adelaide

Job: Law graduate

The tea: Stacey has two kiddos from a previous engagement. She’s hoping to bag a bloke who can handle her feisty personality.

Connie, 27

Location: Melbourne

Job: Marine biology student

The tea: She’s been single and ready to mingle for five years now and she’s ready to find that special someone.

Poppy, 38

Location: Wollongong

Job: Photog

The tea: Single mama of two-year-old twin boys.

Her ex-hubby left her for another woman when the twins were just six-weeks-old (ugh), and she’s looking for a man who’s down to be a father figure to her kids.

Tash, 31

Location: Adelaide

Job: Bartender

The tea: Identifies as sexually fluid and has dated both men and women.

Mishel, 48

Location: Brisbane

Job: Teacher

The tea: She’s had eight previous partners, seven of which have cheated on her. Nice, huh?

Mishel is understandably on the hunt for someone who is faithful and loyal.

Aleks, 27

Location: Perth

Job: Unknown.

The tea: Apparently the dating pool is teeny tiny in Perth so she’s on a nation-wide hunt for a hubby to appease her traditional Serbian folks.

Hayley, 32

Location: Unknown.

Job: Unknown.

The tea: According to Daily Mail, Hayley is a recovering drug addict.

Elizabeth, 28

Location: Sydney

Job: Unknown

The tea: An emotional Pisces, Lizzie returns for a second ’round of drama following last year’s batshit season.


Steve, 51

Location: Melbourne

Job: Barbershop owner

The tea: After his devo breakup from his much younger ex GF, Steve is on the hunt for a lass who is closer to his age.

Ivan, 30

Location: Sydney

Job: Real estate agent

The tea: This Ukraine-born dude has strong traditional family values, which I’m betting would be a prerequisite for his future mate.

Apparently he also has controversial views so good luck with that one, girls.

Chris, 37

Location: Adelaide

Job: Youth worker

The tea: He’s a father of two young boys and his role models are his folks who have been together for 38 years.

After two failed engagements, he’s hoping he’ll find his ideal partner on MAFS.

Jonethen, 27

Location: Gold Coast

Job: Construction mining projects officer

The tea: A self-confessed “ladies’ man”, Jono had a hard time committing and most of his relationships turn to shit after just a few months.

Let’s hope he can last the duration of MAFS!

Luke, 39

Location: Melbourne

Job: Maintenance supervisor

The tea: Became a papa at the ripe age of 21 but sadly he and his missus drifted after 10 years of marriage.

As if that wasn’t enough, his next partner left him for the neighbour.

Hm, I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

Michael, 28

Location: Adelaide

Job: Company director

The tea: Well well well, another single dad. Michael has a toddler son and became a millionaire through his family’s business at age 24 so whoever he ends up with will likely share in the fam fortune. Ka-ching!

David, 31

Location: Melbourne

Job: Truck driver

The tea: David is a former-boxer who sustained a serious spinal injury during a match and has managed to rehabilitate himself, describing it as one of his proudest achievements.

He’s now a truckie looking for true love. Bless.

Mikey, 29

Location: Sydney

Job: Operations manager at a nursing home.

The tea: A former private school boy from Sydney’s North Shore, Mikey now works at a nursing home founded by his granddaddy.

Josh, 28

Location: Sydney

Job: Industrial operator/truck driver

The tea: Described by the Daily Mail as “the ultimate Aussie larrikin”, Josh once lost the love of his life and is searching for a new love interest.

The next season is set to premiere on Channel Nine on February 3.