This Might Be The Moment MAFS’ David Uses Hayley’s Toothbrush To Clean Toilet As Payback

Contributor: Matt Galea

Last month, before Married At First Sight (MAFS) had re-entered our lives and made everything spicy again, there was a wild rumour going ’round that a video will surface this season, showing a contestant using his on-screen wife’s toothbrush to clean faecal matter that she had allegedly left in their toilet.

Said couple were revealed to be Melbourne-based pair David Cannon and Hayley Vernon and while at the time this meant nothing to me, now I can totally understand how they could get to that point considering how awful they’ve been to each other.

But the downside (or upside, depending on how you look at it), of knowing the shit that’s about to go down is that I’m eagerly anticipating what will make David snap and do the dirty deed.

And TBH, anything from last night’s episode could’ve done the trick.

One of the most contentious moments from the honeymoon ep was when  it was revealed that Hayley had gone off on her truck driver hubby over his earnings.

“Your $25-an-hour wage is not going to cut it for me,” she allegedly said during an off-camera chat, leading David to say: “I don’t think she realises how much that hurt me.”

Was that the moment he grabbed her toothbrush and polished the toot? Perhaps!

Apparently the video will be played in front of all the contestants in a reunion episode that was shot after the series wrapped, so it could be anything from any early ep that prompts him to do it.

The Daily Telegraph contacted Cannon at the time of the report but he said he was forbidden from commenting on the shitty situation.

“It was going to come out no matter what. It is something that is now regretted,” he said.

Vernon was also restricted from commenting.

“I can’t really comment,” she said. “I just prefer not to.”

The publication reports that the pair split up on the show and we sure as shit know why.