Don’t Think We Didn’t See You Acting Like A Fkn Gronk At Last Night’s MAFS Dinner Party, Mitch

Mitch and Ella's fight on MAFS.

Last night’s MAFS dinner party had no shortage of drama considering Gaslight McGee (aka Andrew Davis) yet again shat on Holly Greenstein, his on-screen wife and fave person to torment. But don’t think for a second that distracted us from Mitch Eynaud‘s behaviour towards his on-screen wife Ella Ding, which was equally horrid and gaslighty.

Mitch and Ella have been one of the stronger couples on show. The two objectively hot babes immediately developed sexual chemistry and rooted their little brains out.

But that all came crashing down after the nasty way Mitch berated Ella during last night’s dinner party.

In case you missed it, Ella and Mitch were having a chat when she mentioned that she wondered if he saw himself in a relationship with her outside the show.

For some unfathomable reason, Mitch reacted aggressively — immediately swearing at her and basically telling her that now they’ve had sex, he doesn’t need to do any more for their relationship. Nice one mate, real classy.

“We’re two weeks in. Who knows? Who fucking cares to be honest,” he swiped at her.

Hurt, she replied: “Well I care.”

“Who gives a shit? We’re less than a month in,” he repeated.

Ella tried to explain that she needs more reassurance in a relationship but he wasn’t having it.

“Well that’s your own fucking problem for being insecure,” Mitch spat. The way I gasped!

“How much more am I meant to reassure you? I’m hugging you, I’m touching you … I’m trying to be touchy feely, make you feel good. I’m trying my god damn best,” he continued.

“Anyone on the street can tell you that you look good and try and get in your pants. I’ve already had sex with ya. That’s it. Done. You’re on my fucking board. Done. I don’t know what you want from me.”

As the shocked faces of the experts implied, this is obviously incredibly cooked behaviour.

Speaking to anyone like that is unacceptable, but speaking to your partner like that, when you are meant to be loving and kind to them of all people, is a special kind of cruelty.

Mitch then dismissed Ella’s very real and valid feelings which would make her feel like her requests were unreasonable and crazy. He tried to gaslight her into thinking she’s insecure and reading too much into the situation.

What a fucking shit show.

As shocking as it was, maybe there were red flags we should have seen before.

Mitch refused to kiss Ella for five-minutes as part of a challenge during intimacy week which obviously hurt Ella’s feelings. It was a dick move because the whole point of the show is to develop a connection that extends beyond a root.

 Initially it felt bizarre, but now I’m sensing a pattern.

Ella defended the intimacy challenge drama later in an interview, saying that Mitch was just “uncomfortable” with the cameras trained on him, but they sorted it out and had a good talk off-screen.

Personally, I don’t think being uncomfortable in front of cameras is a good enough reason to treat someone like shit. It certainly won’t help him this time round.

Hopefully Ella sees through his shitty behaviour and doesn’t blame herself like he intended.

As Chantelle Schmidt, our resident MAFS recapper put it: “No man is hot enough to make you feel like your concerns aren’t valid or that you can’t speak up.”