Married At First Sight‘s Holly Greenstein said she was “truly devastated” when she walked into the dinner party in Wednesday night’s episode and found the group had turned against her.

Holly explained to 9Now that she expected the other brides and grooms to support her because of the way her on-screen husband Andrew Davis had treated her. But she felt blindsided by their attitude towards her when she arrived at the party.

“I was truly devastated when the group didn’t offer me warmth,” she said.

“They really shut me down and didn’t offer me any support when I had a really rocky road.”

In case you missed it, the show’s least promising couple arrived at the party separately. Andrew came in first and convinced everyone he was hurt and remorseful after Holly kicked him to the kerb.

Olivia Frazer and Tamara Djordjevic sided with him because they felt that Holly had disrespected him at the last dinner party. Domenica Calarco appeared to be the only bride to call Andrew out on his bullshit.

Holly then arrived at the event and snubbed Andrew which only made the group further believe his bullshit claims. Olivia then told Holly to “be the bigger person” despite the fact the Texan Daddy called her a dud root on national telly. Oh, the bloody fucking irony, aye?

Andrew had successfully manipulated the other contestants to see Holly as the villain of their relationship. But anyone who had watched the show knew that wasn’t the case. They watched Andrew harass and attack his bride several times on the show which he argued was just him being “brutal[ly] honest”.

Fans had enough of his crap and called him out on it. They described his actions in the ep as a classic example of gaslighting and narcissistic behaviour.

Holly was one of several MAFS 2022 contestants outed as actors. She finally acknowledged her acting past on Monday.

Andrew apparently auditioned for SAS Australia 2022. His leaked, cringeworthy audition tape is next level and mandatory viewing.

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