‘MAFS’ Villain Ines Has Explained Her Boat Tanty, And It’s Pretty Legit TBH

Married At First Sight’s latest season is already shaping up to be the show’s most dramatic – we’ve had a runaway groom, a virgin having sex for the first time, and… Ines.

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This season’s clear villain (alongside Sam Ball, the guy who has repeatedly talked shit about his wife Elizabeth’s looks), Ines’ blunt approach had fans up in arms from the get-go. But it all truly kicked off online when she had a tanty on her romantic boat trip with husband Bronson.

Ines talked about why she reacted so strongly on last night’s Talking Married

“I don’t think Bronson was aware that I had a really bad experience in Mexico when I went parasailing, we were dropped in the middle of the ocean. So, me entering that experience on the boat with Bronson, I was in a state of panic. That was quite hard for me to watch as well, just seeing how distressed I was.”


Bronson tried to lighten the mood with croc jokes and so on, which only spun Ines out more.

“We only see things from our level of perception. He may have just thought I was being rude or obnoxious, but it was actually a cry for help,” Ines said.

But while she says her reaction came down to anxiety, she also acknowledged she was being a bit of a, well, asshole.

“The way I acted towards him wasn’t fair at all, no one deserves to be spoken to like that.”

Maybe she’ll turn around her villain label after all, eh?