Loose Unit Ines Basic Is Selling Her MAFS Wedding Dress For $6K If You Want Something Cursed

Ines Basic, one of MAFS most notorious villains, is selling her wedding dress from the show for a whopping $6000. Though I’m not sure the memories associated with this dress are something any bride would want at their own wedding.

Ines posted a picture of herself in the MAFS wedding dress on her Instagram Story, writing: “My dress has been sitting around in storage for years!”. She said that 10% of the proceeds of the dress, which is being sold on Still White for $6000, will go to a charity for Bosnian kids.

Maybe she thinks that’ll erase some of the truly demonic energy this dress harbours, but I don’t think it works that way.

In case you missed season six of MAFS, Ines Basic was a wild ride from the get-go. Upon meeting her TV ‘husband’, Bronson Norrish, during their ‘wedding’, she told him to get rid of his eyebrow ring because it would look better on a “lesbian who works at McDonald’s”. Yeah, right off the bat.

And then, in her piece to camera, she said when Bronson smiled, she wanted to “punch him in the jaw”.

She also said: “He said he had country boy charm? It just doesn’t turn me on. I’m getting a very inbred vibe.”

Ah, what lovely sentiments to be reminded of while wearing this wedding dress, right?

Ines Basic posts to Instagram Stories that she is selling her MAFS wedding dress.
Image: Instagram / Ines Basic

Ines is most controversial for cheating on Bronson with Sam Ball, another MAFS groom on her season who was also mean to his onscreen wife, who he fat-shamed and said made him feel “sick”. Charming.

Their season re-aired in the UK this year which led to renewed attention on Ines, who had to report violent death threats she received to the police. People even made a Facebook event to coordinate an attack on her, which is fucked regardless of her behaviour on the show.

Say what you will about Ines, but honestly, after all that I would probably want to erase any evidence of my MAFS wedding too.